Around the World Trip – Welcome to Egypt!

Greetings from Luxor, Eqypt, home of the Valley of the Kings!  This is the first post of our Around the World Trip: 6 Countries, 17 hotels, 22 flights, 32 days. A crazy trip to celebrate my retirement!!  So travel along with me to Eqypt, Jordan, India, Maldives, Cambodia and Vietnam.

We arrived safely in Cairo late Sunday evening and very early Monday morning flew south to Luxor to begin our four-day cruise up the Nile River to Aswan. An already short night was made even shorter as Steve (and by association, me) set his alarm for 2:30 am to watch the Super Bowl. He had to stop watching the game minutes before it ended as we had to catch a cab to the airport, which was painful.  It was a couple of days before he finally got to hear the outcome but at least the Patriots won!

This fellow is one of the guards at the Temple Karnak (hard to write that without thinking of Johnnie Carson, for those of a certain age…).  His welcoming appearance typifies almost all those we’ve met in Egypt, welcoming and proud individuals.

Please note that our internet has been spotty and I am posting as wifi is available, a lesson in patience if ever there was one.



5 thoughts on “Around the World Trip – Welcome to Egypt!”

  1. jim

    I love the way you connected to the individual. He truly has a warm feel in the image. I also like the relationship to the background and how it helps tell the story. His connection in the eyes drives home the image as well.


  2. Joyce

    Hello Rachel!

    This gentleman’s face expresses his personality also. He looks like a good soul and enjoys what he does. What an adventure. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your travels. Yes, it was an exciting Super Bowl, and can’t imagine having to walk away not knowing the outcome for a few days… how awful!

    All is well. Taking care of Dean Brian, faculty, students and staff needs! 🙂 It’s a good break when I get your posts. I get to leave RCC for a few minutes to enjoy your story of location to location, and the pictures!
    Miss you.
    Love – Joyce

  3. Colleen Devlin

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and see your photos from the pyramids! Glad things are going well, and got off to a great start with the Patriot’s win! Enjoy every bit of your fabulous journey. We miss you already!

  4. Deb Hayes

    I sent this note to you via your personal email, and then saw this location to post so I’m copying it here just so you have a more consistent record of your travels and replies.

    Rachel, I’m so excited to hear from you!!
    This is a fabulous portrait to introduce your travels. I love it!
    I was glad to read you will be on a cruise for 4 days so you
    won’t be hotel hopping and will have a few days to settle in.

    Gotta say, we weren’t Patriots fans (wow, what a collapse by the Falcons
    and unbelievable performance from Brady). Pretty sure it wasn’t
    worth the drama being late for the airport, though!

    Finding both reliable wifi and the time to edit and post will be challenging.
    Enjoy your time and post when you can. You’ll be able to add more
    images when you return. Can’t wait!

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