Around the World Trip – Maldives

What an unexpected delight it was to find the Maldives!  For those who aren’t familiar (we weren’t), it’s a ring of 1200 islands located about 600 miles south of the southern most tip of India.

We’d heard of it many times over the years from multiple well-traveled friends who’d said it was their favorite place on earth. So we gambled and added it to our around the world itinerary.  Not a trivial thing to do as it took four long flights to get into and out of this tiny slice of paradise. Was it worth it? Oh yeah.  We’re planning on returning in 2019!

The images below are not Photoshopped. The water really looks like liquid aquamarine.

Our “Water Jacuzzi Villa” is straight ahead, at the end of the pier. Luckily for us, we had one of the best villas in the whole resort.
One very happy guy. With a very few short steps you’re in the reef. You could also just sit on the deck with a glass of wine and watch the dolphins cruise by… Paradise…
Each morning, the sharks would swim by for breakfast. We saw as many as ten sharks at one time!
And one of my favorites from Maldives, a night shot of the Milky Way. And great thanks to my patient husband who sat with me late one night to get this image!


2 thoughts on “Around the World Trip – Maldives”

  1. My word that might shot is magnificent. And the stars seem as abundant as the little fishes clearing away from the shark.

  2. Colleen Devlin

    You will single handedly raise the tourism rate of the Maldives. Wow! The photos are gorgeous. What an experience to be able to stay literally on the water. We can’t wait to get together to hear more details about everything you’ve seen so far! Happy travels!

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