Visiting the Great Pyramids

We completed our tour of Egypt with a one-day sprint around the city with our guide, Risk. You can’t even imagine the chaos as over 21 million people move around the city on foot, in cars, motorcycles, horse carts, and camels.  It was a visual and oral cacophony: blaring car horns, drivers yelling at one another … Read more

Nubian Village

Our last outing in Aswan was a river boat cruise down the Nile to a Nubian village.  The Nubians are a very dark skinned people who were once wealthy landowners in the Nile Valley. More than 100,000 were forced to relocate in the mid 1950’s due to the building of a dam by the Egyptian … Read more

Aswan and the Temple of Edfu

We awoke the next morning finding that we’d sailed south from Luxor to Aswan and our first outing of the day was a horse cart ride to the Temple of Horus at Edfu. I got a chuckle as Horus is the falcon headed god of the sky, which reminded me of Folsom Lake College. The … Read more

Valley of the Kings

Our visit in Luxor concluded with a visit to the incredible Valley of the Kings.  To date, they’ve unearthed 64 tombs of the pharaohs (including the very famous boy pharaoh, Tutankhamen (aka Steve Martin’s “King Tut”) who ruled from age 9 to 18.  He’s considered a minor pharaoh in Eqypt, famous only because his is … Read more

Hot Air Ballooning

Tuesday morning brought a stunning adventure, a hot air balloon ride across ruined temples and vast expanses of desert.  We floated high in the sky over temples and excavations, and dropped down to glide across the tops of fields of sugar cane.     And this young boy was insistent in getting money from us, … Read more

Galloping through the Bazaar

We were almost tempted to cancel an evening buggy ride through the city of Luxor as it had been a long day, but so glad we didn’t  as we got outside the tourist areas to see where the locals live.   We clip clopped through the city, hooves beating a rhythmic rat a tat tat … Read more

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