A Slice of Paradise: The Big Island of Hawai’i (Take 2)

It’s been a while since I posted.  OK, more than a while.  First, I decided to take a break this summer after our whirlwind Around The World tour and other trips last spring. Second, the technology gods struck.  Big time. So after several fits and starts, including having to repost this blog to reconnect all … Read more

New England: Seven Days, Five States

Our godson’s graduation from a northern New York college, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute or RPI, prompted a quick side trip to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont before arriving for the festivities. I’d never been to Maine, so why not? And hey, one of the greatest shopping meccas of all time is located in Freeport, Maine, L.L. … Read more

Scottsdale, AZ

A quick weekend jaunt to Scottsdale, AZ, brought many an opportunity for visiting family and sightseeing. The landscapes in this area of the country are certainly striking. Off to the Botanical Gardens with a fantastic variety of cactus, many which were blooming. A quick run through the Butterfly Exhibit. Toured the Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, … Read more

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